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How to Get a Work & Residence Permit in China?

How to Get a Work & Residence Permit in China?


Shanghai, Beijing: Legal representative or Chief Representative may allowed to apply for work & residence in Shanghai and Beijing directly WHILE Some nationalities could not apply for the 1 year working visa in Shanghai, Beijing directly, they may need a Visa Notice from China first and then back to home country once to get a 30 days Z visa from Chinese embassy. 

Shenzhen, Hangzhou and may other cities of China: Legal representative or Chief Representative would need apply for a Visa Notice from China, applicant should back to home country once to get a 30 days Z visa from Chinese embassy. 

Since April 1, 2017, for applicants in SHANGHAI:

1. Non-criminal record has to be authenticated by Chinese embassy.

2. Applicant must pay individual income tax in China

3. If applicant is currently living outside China, the health checkup must be completed abroad at Chinese embassy recognized health organzations.

Paying individual income tax would make great impact on working visa applicaiton since local labor bureau would require tax payment statement, fail to provide the statement might cause potential rejection by labor bureau.

Documents Required for work permit

1. Non-criminal Record certification with oversea China Embassy verification

2. Highest Diploma (Bachelor Degree for Category B) with oversea China Embassy verification

3. Resume of Legal representative with China mobile phone number ( visa officer may call this number)

4. Copy of Company's business license, Certificate of approval, organization code license or Rep. office's Registration Certificate, organization code license

5. Original Registration form of temporary residence (register with your local Police Station) 

6. Original Health Report 

7. Enter Visa for entering China

From 1st April 2017, when you apply the China work permit, you are request to provide your original degree diploma and If that diploma is not issued in China, then an extra authenticated or legalized copy of your diploma is necessary (authentication issued by any one of following authority is available):

A: Legalized by Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your country

B: Legalized by Your diploma issued country's Embassy or Consulate in China

C: Authenticated by China Ministry of Education (MOE) - Since the China MOE launch the online authentication webiste, VisaInChina suggest you can do it directly by yourself online, it's easy and cheap (website: http://zwfw.cscse.edu.cn  / )

Notice1: If you study abroad and get your diploma abroad (for example, Singaporean study in UK and get a UK diploma), then you need to provide extra UK student visa copy as a proof.

Notice2: If you get your diploma from a school which is not licensed by your country's Ministry of Education, the authentication will be failed for sure, so please don't try with a fake diploma or a diploma which comes from a no-license school.

Procedures - August 2022 updated:


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