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The Complete Guide to Software Copyright Certificates in China

The Complete Guide to Software Copyright Certificates in China.

When you want to develop your apps in China, do you find that the application environment in China is different from that in the West and that there are strict controls over releasing the apps and games? Or when you submit your apps to the app market, you will be required to provide related qualifications, such as Computer software copyright. Thats what most overseas developers often face, so there is an article about how to obtain the copyright.


  • Why do you apply for Software Copyright Certificate?

In China, Computer software copyright (SCC) refers to the exclusive rights enjoyed by software developers in accordance with the copyright laws and is used to prove and protect the copyright of your mobile app. On the one hand, its a necessary certificate for some categories of apps, because it can prove the ownership of the app to the Chinese app stores. On the other hand, it can prevent your code from plagiarizing or pirating and is an important proof of app infringement.

  • Where to apply for Software Copyright Certificate?

The State Copyright Administration is in charge of the registration of the certificate in China. And the applicant may register the computer software copyright by yourself self or entrust an agency to register the copyright.

  • List the detailed process for obtaining Software Copyright Certificate

For individual registering, the process can be divided into five phases: Fill in the application form  submit the application documents  accept the application  examination  to obtain the registration certificate; If you have an agent to help you, just provide the materials directly to the institution, and they will handle the application for you.

  • How long does it take to receive a Software Copyright Certificate?

For developers outside China, it usually takes two to three months to apply for software copyright registration. And the organization will complete the application within 30 working days after the application is accepted.

  • What materials are required to register a Software Copyright Certificate?

The application documents for software copyright registration shall include:

Ø  Application form for software copyright registration;

Ø  Software identification materials;

Ø  Identity certificate of the applicant;

Ø  Identity certificate of the contact person;

  • Answering some questions during the application process

     1. Can I get a Software Copyright Certificate if Im not a Chinese company? 

Yes, the copyright owner can be a foreign company or legal person, but you must submit the legal proof certified by the local Chinese consulate or notarized by the local notary office.

2.     Why do I need to provide a source code sample to register a Software Copyright Certificate?

By providing a small sample of your source code, you receive an additional layer of protection. This small snippet can be used to prove ownership in a copyright dispute. And only part of the source code is required to be provided,

, there is no need to worry about your code sample being copied by another party.

3.     What are the requirements for the identification documents submitted by foreign companies?

The identity documents submitted by foreign companies must be certified by Chinese embassies and consulates in the local country. And all foreign language documents must be translated by the translation company and stamped with the official seal of the translation company.

     4.  Can the Software Copyright Certificate be transferred or revoked?

Yes, you need to make the relevant application and registration on the website of the China Protection Center of China.

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