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China Eases Entry for Foreigners With 5 New Measures

The National Immigration Administration has introduced five measures starting January 11, 2024, to make it easier for foreigners to enter China for business, study, or tourism.

1. Port visa requirements for foreign nationals coming to China are relaxed.

Foreign individuals in urgent need of a visa to engage in non-diplomatic activities, such as business, visiting, investment, or family matters, can apply for a port visa upon entry. Relevant documents, including an invitation letter, must be presented to the port visa authorities.

2. Foreign nationals can transit directly for 24 hours without undergoing inspection procedures at key international airports, such as Beijing Capital Airport.

This policy applies to nine international airports: Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing Daxing Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Bao'an Airport, Chengdu Tianfu Airport, Xi'an Xianyang Airport. Travelers with international connecting flights within 24 hours, transiting through any of these airports to a third country or region, can transit visa-free without border inspection procedures. If they want to leave the designated port area, they must apply for a transit temporary entry permit. Two documents are required: a valid international travel document and a connecting flight ticket to a third country or region within 24 hours. They also need to fill out a temporary entry and exit card for foreigners. Please note, the border inspection authorities will not issue a transit temporary entry permit if the international travel document is valid for less than three months, contains visa rejection stamps from Chinese authorities, or if there are records of illegal entry, residence, or employment in China within the last five years.

3. Foreign nationals in China can conveniently apply for visa extensions, renewals, or reissues at the local exit-entry administration of the public security authorities.

Non-diplomatic and non-official foreigners in China for short-term activities like business or tourism can apply for visa extensions at a nearby exit-entry administration office.

4. Foreign nationals in China requiring multiple entries and exits can apply for a re-entry visa.

Foreign nationals in China can apply for a multiple-entry visa by presenting an invitation letter and supporting documents to the exit-entry administration.

5. Application materials simplified for visa documents for foreign nationals in China.

Foreign nationals applying for visa documents in China are exempt from providing paper materials if their accommodation registration records, business licenses, and other information can be accessed through information sharing. Similarly, for short-term family reunion visas, a statement declaring the family relationship by the inviter suffices instead of providing a family relationship certificate.

Meanwhile, foreign nationals with permanent residency in China, holding a permanent residency card, can conduct financial transactions such as banking, securities, and foreign exchange.

Since the new version of the permanent residence ID for foreigners was issued last year, there has been a significant increase in new applications and replacements. The transformation of systems and equipment in key areas and industries in essential public services and key regions has been completed. Foreigners with permanent residency in China can now conveniently purchase plane and train tickets, check in at hotels, conduct financial transactions, handle communication services, and process various government services. They can also easily use internet e-commerce platforms like Alipay, WeChat, and JD.

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